What exactly is Graphics & Growlers?

Craft Beer and Comic Books are everything in our house. About a year ago my husband and I decided to bring two of our favorite things together and start pairing comic books with beer. So proud of our alcohol union we posted our pairings on Twitter and Instagram to show creators both love and appreciation for their craft. The response was insane and so Graphics & Growlers was born. We knew there had to be like minded people who enjoyed amazing craft beer and sequential art so we created comic book/beer pairing events that we would host at the most diverse breweries in Sacramento. Northern California is blessed to have amazing breweries and to be able to create pairings that showed off the craft behind making beer is an added bonus.

How do you pair a craft beer with a comic book/graphic novel?

We always choose a comic book/graphic novel that stands out for the story of course, but also for the stage and tones of the book. We look for the characters and the connection to them. We look for a story that is complex and worth discussing. The artwork is important as well. We take these pieces of the book and match them to the taste, flavor, intensity and aroma of the selected beers. Sometimes each character is so strong they need their own beer. We have finished stories where one beer (or six pack) sums up the tone of the entire story arch.  The open-ended nature of pairings brings about deep conversations for both beer connoisseurs and comic book savants alike.


Graphics & Growler Subscription Boxes are Born:

The truth is not everyone can attend our bitchin’ events and that is okay.  We have started subscription boxes that can be shipped to your door with comic books, craft beer, artwork and more.  What sets us apart from many subscription boxes is that the comic books we choose for our boxes are only independent creators. YES you read correctly. No Marvel or DC coming from these boxes. These comics are handpicked for the subscriber to enjoy the greatest up and coming creators. By choosing this box as a collection piece you are adding items that will continue to go up in value because in many cases they are first editions or limited releases. You are supporting artists and writers in the industry that will continue to pave the way and support our comic book edition. New characters and storylines to your door without you having to research what is good and what is rubbish. Imagine if you stumbled upon the next SAGA before it hit mainstream audiences. We keep our ear to the floor to get you the best stories being created right now! The brilliant thing about these boxes is that it costs nothing for artists and writers to participate. They just receive proceeds from each box sold. You are supporting local and independent talent. I love the fact that each box is jammed packed with at least $50.00 worth of products and merchandise making it at least 30% cheaper to have beer and comics shipped to your door than if you went out and picked them up yourself.

These boxes mean the world to us because you are able to support artists, writers and crafters by experiencing Graphics & Growlers in your home. If you live in the Sacramento area or are ever in town for our events the boxes you receive will also be part of the event the following month so you have plenty of time to read and enjoy your book before joining us for the discussion.

Our first box is City of Trees and features B-Squad. I have to tell you I love the city of Sacramento more for reading it and you will too. I wholeheartedly believe that B-Squad will be a City Tour by next year, but that is a whole other venture. This glimpse into the great city of Sacramento even has its own beer already named after The B-Squad.


If you want more information on subscribing to an amazing collector’s box make sure you check us out at www.graphicsandgrowlers.com


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