3 tips for artists, writers and crafters to stand out at your next fair or convention

DeathtoStock_Wired7Fairs and conventions are a huge part of getting out and meeting your audience. Your booth or table must be a reflection of you AND your work. At most business events you are up against maybe two people in your field. At comic conventions and craft fairs every artist, writer or crafter has been blessed with the same gift as you. Here are three tips to standing out from the crowd.

1. Stop using the word FREE. Your work has value. If you start your business relationship with someone by giving your work for free you have already lost value in the consumers’ eyes. If you have something to give away make it complimentary.

2. DO NOT bring too many items. You do not want to overwhelm your potential customers with so many choices. Make sure your table is organized and visually pleasing. You do not want to look like you are selling at a flea market.

3. Do not take on another artist’s/writer’s energy. Sometimes when doing booths you can find yourself next to someone negative. Maybe this person considers mainstream artists and writers to be sell outs. Or they always talk about how you barely break even or how you will never make money as an artist and/or writer. If you buy into what they are saying it will become your reality. You are unique and have a special gift. The universe has given you this gift to share with the world. The universe does not want you to struggle or live in poverty. Do not allow other people’s negative vibes to sabotage your success. A starving artist is a myth!!!

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