The truth about being “broke”

For many years when friends would ask if I could go out I would say “I would love to, but I can’t afford it. I am broke.” When I wanted to treat myself to a pedicure I would tell myself “I hate being broke all the time”. The statements seem harmless enough because I believed they were true. I could not spend any money. My car needed to be fixed or I had an unexpected bill. There was always something that would come into my life and clear my bank account. I started to notice that I was always broke. Something always came up that prevented me from going to lunch or getting that new pair of shoes. I placed blame on my job or life for this constant state of negativity. Then I had a revelation.It was not God or the universe that was the issue;it was me.

The Law of attraction is a funny thing. It works 100 percent of the time positive or negative. I literally was telling myself day after day that I was broke. So of course that is what I was attracting into my life. I started to notice this was not just financial. I attracted health issues. My body was broken. I attracted bad relationships. I had low self esteem. I was not worthy of anything good because I was broken. I was truly grateful to discover that I had essentially put myself in this position. So now the question became how do I get myself out of it?

Once I truly understood that I was causing this in my life I saw an ad for a life coach. It was like the universe was trying to help me get out of this unfortunate situation. I was intrigued by this Facebook ad and so my journey began to “fix” myself. I learned that I had to invest in myself. I learned that I had to surround myself with like minded people. I learned that I needed a mentor(s) and needed to invest in professional development. This was vital if I was going to thrive and not just survive in life. As I continued my journey of self discovery I also found my purpose. Ironically the same purpose that I had continued to feel deep down in my pit of stomach, but ignored. Why am I writing about this today? I am writing this because I feel someone out there needs to read this. Someone out there needs to take time to listen to what they are telling themselves. They need to evaluate what they are telling themselves on a daily basis.

Are these words and phrases real?

Are they authentic?

What purpose are they serving?

You may find that you are accidentally talking yourself out of your life’s purpose. You may find you are standing in your own way when it comes to relationships, money or advancement in your career. You may find these are phrases you have picked up from what society or even what family members have taught you are actually working against you. Does this sound like you?

Congratulations on your first step toward changing your path. The next step is finding your authentic self. It might be with a life coach or an amazing company with the purpose of enlightenment. You may even find that a self help book is the best place to start. Stay Brilliant has great resources to get started on your journey to better you. I am no longer broken. I no longer say “I am broke”.  I am no longer in an abusive relationship. I have started my dream business and I am launching an empowerment program later this year. Coincidence I think not.

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